Macro Photos: Dragonfly

So, I have been wanting to capture this little guy from the last few days. It always the same one that comes around in the morning and in the evening,  finally this morning I was able to take some photos when it was still sleeping I guess :-).

Taken with iPhone 4s

no additional lens,

edited with Camera+ app.




Advice/comments will be much appreciated 🙂


14 thoughts on “Macro Photos: Dragonfly

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    • It’s my third day trying, this little guy always around about the same time along with the other 2 blue little bee-like thingy. So I woke up earlier this morning tried to catch him, and I did. I was stunned he let me that close, probably less than 10cm with my phone. Lucky me 🙂 Gonna try the blue guys next time.

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