Black and White: Waiting on The Street

Waiting on The Street

This photo was taken around 7 – 8 pm at night, using iPhone 4S.

The scene was just before a parade, therefore people were waiting to see the parade to pass by.

Since the lighting was not great I intended to make the photo vintage-like (like on old photo). Edited with Fotor for Mac on BW Grayscale and adjusted the contrast a little bit.

I hope I achieve what I want with this photo. Any comments/advice will be much appreciated.

Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: 2013, by Lens and Pens by Sally.


4 thoughts on “Black and White: Waiting on The Street

  1. Welcome to the challenge–delighted to have you join the fun. I like the way that the crowd is engaged with each other, waiting in anticipation. Happy Phoneography Challenge. A quick note to let you know that there will not be a challenge next Monday due to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. See you on 02 December for the next challenge: Nature.

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