Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected – In Memory of “Sunday”

I used to have this dog called “Sunday”. He was such a smart dog and very obedient to me. Now that he’s gone I only can look at his photos and giggle myself remembering how he was behaving. See below his weirdness. 

DSC00648When he was little, he was such a cute little dog. Don’t mind the eyes, it was my camera 🙂

CIMG3047Unexpected No. 1.

He grew up became this handsome dog, but… look at his ears… One day I woke up and suddenly he had this one ear standing. I thought it was gonna be a temporary thing, but no. He always had his one ear against each other, one up one down until last day of his life.

CIMG3312Unexpected No.2

He liked to copy what I did. This photo above, I was reading in the yard while sunbathing, got up to get some water, when I came back there he was.

CIMG0247This is how normal dog sleeps……

CIMG2971Unexpected No.3

This was how “Sunday” slept.  Very weird and unexpected.

I have a lot of his photos sleeping in this position, but I thought just to upload this, not to bore you 🙂

There you go my post for this week’s weekly photo challenge: Unexpected.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected – In Memory of “Sunday”

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  2. Sunday looked very special. It made me smile to see how he slept, my much-loved Oscar and Stanley (they feature regularly on my blog) sleep the same way… awww you have to love our four-legged friends and their quirky ways.

    • Hi Jen, Thanks for your lovely comment. Before I had Sunday, I was not really a dog person, then since I had him, I always have dogs as pets, now I have two female Bali dogs which were adopted from a dog shelter. Geeez.. they got attitude ha ha.. but love them very dearly 🙂

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