Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

On this week photo challenge: community, I decided to post some community photos from within my family and the tradition, in black and white.

Take a look at below photos of my interpretation of the theme. Any comments/advice will be much appreciated.

dancing babyMy little niece was dancing to some traditional music during a ceremony in my parents’s house. Everyone were watching her with a clear joy in their faces, she kept dancing despite everyone were watching 🙂

praying_FotorMy family were praying in one of the temple in the village.

praying priestPraying priests in one of the temple in the village, this meant that the whole procession of the ceremony came to an end.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

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    • hi thanks 🙂 great that you have a new toy! I am only playing with my iPhone here so far. I have no idea about SLR camera, been browsing about it though, still not sure if I upgrade whether I want SLR or Mirrorless camera.

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